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Handicraft of wedding dresses

suzhoudress.com 2014-12-30


The fabric of wedding dresses includes satin, tulle, lace and so on. Wedding dresses are often made of one fabric; of course they also can be made of several fabrics. It is different to distinguish the fabric of dresses from pictures on the website. So when you want to buy wedding dresses on the Internet, you should ask the shopkeeper which fabric the wedding dress is. On suzhoudress.com, you can get more details about dresses which you want to know and buy.

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Dress production is the combination of the mechanic and manual. Good wedding dresses are most handmade. Beadings, lace and sequins on the wedding dresses are needle sewed by workers. Exquisite craftsmanship will not have any ruffles and thread and the wedding dresses will be very firm and not fall off easily. Moreover the quality of sequins and beadings is different and from the picture, you can identify the quality. Some wedding dresses which are most made by machine are flabby and off-line easily. So you can know if worker produce dress carefully from the quality of dress.


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Generally speaking, from a picture, you just can just identify the style and handicraft of dresses. However the biggest different is the inner of dresses. Good wedding dresses will use enclosed back lining and the upper body of dress will use almost ten fishbone to hold up edition model, and there is taut band and safety belt at the waist and back. In this way, bride will feel comfortably, especially strapless wedding dresses. If the dress doesn’t have fishbone and safety belt, bride will worry that if the dress will fall off. General handicraft just combines fabric which has been tailored.

In some ways, money is an important role to decide the quality of dresses. Of course, some seller will improve price deliberately. So brides should identify by themselves. If you don’t know how to identify, you buy wedding dresses on www.suzhoudress.com.

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