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Ultimate Guide for Plus Size Women to Look Fabulous for Prom 2015!

suzhoudress.com 2015-02-11


Every woman has so many special events to attend in whole lifetime - prom, wedding, balls and many other parties, and all she need, is a beautiful dress to show her best assets. Well, for plus-sized women, finding a perfect prom dress that accentuates their curvy figures can seem daunting. Don't be upset, anyway! Being curvy does not mean that you can't shine in your prom 2015. There are so many dress solutions for plus size ladies nowadays.


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Different people have different body types. It is important to know your body type before picking your prom dress style. There truly is no one size that fits all. That said, the fashion industry typically classifies plus-size shapes under five categories of shapes including pear, apple, hourglass, rectangular, and petite.

Dress Style for Plus Size Pear Body Type


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When buying prom dresses for a pear shaped body, it is best to find evening dresses that accentuate the upper body and take attention away from the lower part of the body.
Halter neck prom dress would be perfect flattering style, which offers comfort, support, and style. Strapless evening dresses and spaghetti strap designs can also be an appealing style for pear shaped women, as this will put more attention on the shoulders and make the body appear more balanced in size.
An empire prom dress is the most flattering and the A-line evening gowns also work great on pear shaped women, as emphasis will be put on the shoulders, bust, and waistline and taken off of the thighs and backside.

Dress Style for Plus Size Apple Shaped Body


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Apple shaped figures are commonly round all over, and the waist is often wider than both the hips and shoulders. Since most of the weight is held in the stomach and upper body in an apple shape, it is important to emphasize the hips and legs when buying a special occasion dress.
A black prom dress will allow an apple shaped woman to appear smaller than her true size may be.
Simple and small patterns should also be worn as opposed to large flashy designs. Small patterns will give the illusion of length instead of width.
Remember to avoid any styles that have pleats, pockets, or gather near the waist area.

Dress Style for an Hourglass Shaped Body


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An hourglass body type is the most commonly desired shape by plus-size women, as this shape speaks to femininity and is the most proportioned of all the different body shapes.
With such a proportional shape, it can be easier to dress hourglass shaped figures. Wrap dresses, form-fitting prom dresses would look great as they put the focus on a narrow waist. Try to choose V-neck and U-neck shaped necklines for evening dresses, which will elongate the body and again emphasize the waistline. Short prom dresses also look great on hourglass shaped figures. The length of the dress should be just above the knee or longer, which will accentuate the waist area as well.

Dress Style for Plus Size Petite Ladies


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When a woman is a plus size and on the shorter side, one will need to pay special attention to the prom dresses they choose. It is important to avoid prom dresses that will appear to be too large or swallowing on the body.
Try to find a prom dress that contains draping, which will easily skim across the body and show some movement as opposed to being too tight or clingy.
It is also recommended to stick to plain designs and small prints, which will enhance a petite plus-size woman’s body. Oversized and flashy patterns can appear overwhelming, which can result in an unflattering look for this particular body type.
If a shorter woman is looking for more of a statement in an outfit, a plain dress can easily be dressed up with accessories such as a large pair of earrings or a necklace.

Almost all the women love beautiful prom dresses and need them to showcase the best assets. Once you understand what body type you are and what styles would flatter your particular figure, give a try to http://www.pinkyprom.uk/. No matter what size or shape you are, PinkyProm offers thousands of dresses for plus-size women, catering to all different tastes and preferences.


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