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The first wedding dress in the world

suzhoudress.com 2015-03-30


Every girl has dreamed of wearing the most beautiful wedding dress in the world on her wedding day.  And I dare to say few people ever think about the origin of the first piece of wedding dress.  When and how does this special first wedding dress come into being in this world? We should know that since we are continue using wedding dresses 2014 in this year.  And we have created many types of wedding dress in modern times, including the beach wedding dress and the vintage wedding dress.  As a matter of fact, there’s a small story about the creation of the first wedding dress in the world.




In the 16th century of Ireland in Europe, the royal families have full passion on hunting. In one summer afternoon, many royal families carry the shotguns, and riding the horses hunting in the beagle in a small town of Northern Ireland.  When they come across a river where Miss Rose was doing the washing, the earl Richard fell in love with rose at the first sight, he was deeply attracted by Rose’s elegant and purity, in the meanwhile, Rose was also have deep affection on Richard’s handsome and straight.  They definitely fell in love with each other. Richard could never fall asleep when he backed to the palace; therefore, he decided to make a proposal to Rose and asked her to marry him.  However, all the royal families are against that, because they are not from the same world, Rose comes from an ordinary poor family while Richard is the earl. On the other side, though everybody in his family against Rose, he insisted to marry Rose.  In order to make Richard give up, the royal families come up with a requirement and announced that if Rose can make a long white rope in a night. 




And the length is from the royal family marrying platform to the church door.  That is impossible in that time.  When this requirement was put forward, Richard thought the marriage would be disillusioned, but Rose was not the same.  She stayed up and made out a 16 meters simple design but never lose the royal style white long gown together with the whole citizens in that small town.  The line of the gown is simply but delicate with elegant royal style.  All the royal families are touched by Rose’s love and design of the gown.  And then, Richard and Rose finished their fairy Tale under the promise of the King and the Queen with that simple long wedding dress.




This is the origin of the first wedding dress in the world.

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